Baby Cakes and More

It's been well over a year since I took some time off for maternity leave to raise Nolan. It's been the best year of my life. 

My friends all thought I was crazy, but the night before I was scheduled to be induced I was up baking treats to bring to the hospital. I took a big gift bag filled with raspberry brownies, chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies to hand out as thank you gifts.

So as I planned, I gave each doctor and nurse a package of sweet treats as they finished their shift attending to me. The only problem was, I ran out of treats because I was at the hospital a lot longer than I expected. My labor was 36 hours!

A week later, I went back to the hospital with more sugar cookies in hand, to drop off to the rest of the staff I didn't get to formally thank the first time. I always like to show my love and gratitude with baking. That's one of the things I love about baking - sharing it with others and seeing the big smile on people's faces when they receive something homemade and delicious.

I actually had a lot of time to bake when Nolan was a newborn because he was such a good sleeper. I made sugar cookies, carrot cake cookies chocolate chip cookies, cakes, and scones. Here are some of the treats I made while baby was sleeping.

We celebrated a couple of milestone occasions. Nolan's 100 day (traditionally celebrated in the Korean culture) and of course, his 1 year birthday. For the 100 day party, I made a starry night themed cake to commemorate what an awesome sleeper Nolan was.

For Nolan's first birthday I created a pinwheel themed cake with some fruit themed sugar cookies. I also made an extra little cake that was sculpted like his face all dressed up in his traditional Korean han-bok.

It's been a truly amazing experience being a mom for the first time. I have already started to share my love for baking and cooking with Nolan by making his delicious, nutritious baby food and healthy baked treats. More to come on that soon!